VendingMetrics - Telemetry Platform

Ease to use cloud-based telemetry platform for vending managers

VendingMetrics macbook dashboard
  • Real-time data

    Dashboard is getting data in realtime, there is no need to refresh page.

  • Easy to manage

    Our telemetry platform is built for people how don’t want to spend time on learning new complex systems

  • Quick overview

    Login to system and see how the sales is going on big charts

VendingMetrics Mobile Easy Supplier Tool

Elegant way to interact with telemetry system, built specially for suppliers

  • Real-time shortages

    Take needed products right away

  • All mobile systems

    Works on Android, iOS & Windows Phone

  • Always up-to-date

    Remote application updates

  • Battle-tested

    Tested every day by suppliers

VendingMetrics mobile refill page
  • Easy to use

    Common interface used by most of vending machines.

  • No installation

    There is no need to install any software

  • Supports all devices

    Browser support

  • Big-button interface

    Easy to use on smaller devices

Introducing MetricsBox

Super smart telemetry device with real time event messaging.

MetricsBox back
  • Full MDB/EXE support

    Common interface used by most of vending machines.

  • Master MDB

    Connect telemetry to any of your machines.

  • Send credit remotely

    Add credit instantly to the machine using our application.

  • Temperature measurement

    Check the temperature in snack machines, get a notification if it’s too high

  • Remote software update (OTA)

    Fresh software updates? No problem, we handle this.

  • Configurable button (comming soon)

    It’s up to you how you will configure this button.

MetricsBox front

Enable cashless Payments with Ingenico

Ingenico is a France-based company, whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions. We were very hard working with them to integrate Ingenico casheless terminals with our system.

Sales Contact

  • Mirosław Karasiewicz
  • [email protected]
  • MCX Systems Sp. z o.o.
  • ul. Gotarda 9 / 02-683 Warszawa
Ingenico front

Connect your device

Our system is not restricted to only selected device. We are hard working on expanding supported devices list but despite this you can bring your own device it can be casheless terminal or any telemetry device and connect it to your telemetry system.

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