VendingMetrics - Telemetry Platform

Ease to use cloud-based telemetry platform for vending managers

VendingMetrics macbook dashboard
  • Real-time data

    Dashboard is getting data in realtime, there is no need to refresh page.

  • Easy to manage

    Our telemetry platform is built for people how don’t want to spend time on learning new complex systems

  • Quick overview

    Login to the system and see how the sales are going on big charts

  • VendingMetricsMobile - Easy Supplier Tool

    Elegant way to interact with telemetry system, built specially for suppliers

    VendingMetrics mobile refill page
  • Real-time shortages

    Take needed products right away

  • All mobile systems

    Works on Android, iOS & Windows Phone

  • Always up-to-date

    Remote application updates

  • Battle-tested

    Tested everyday by suppliers

  • VendingMetrics mobile refill page
  • Easy to use

    Common interface used by most of vending machines

  • No installation

    There is no need to install any software

  • Supports all devices

    Browser support

  • Big-button interface

    Easy to use on smaller devices

  • Ready to Give Your Machines Best Telemetry On Market?

    Discover how VendingMetrics can improve your inside sales and customer care activities.

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    VendingMetrics desktop dashboard view