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VendingMetrics is a vending machine management suite with resources made to help you grow.

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Built for Vending Business

We provide MetricsBox which is a professional telemetry device developed especially for vending machines with full MDB/EXE support, master MDB option, EVA-DTS audits, temperature check and option for adding credits remotely. We know that solid hardware technology backup ensures great stability and security.

Cloud based web application is getting data in realtime from MetricsBox and shows you data right away, there is no need to refresh page. Sit in front of dashboard page and observe how the sales is going. Our platform is built for people how don’t want to spend time one learning new complex systems.

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Casheless Payments are here

ingenico casheless iUC 180B terminal

Ingenico is a France-based company, whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions. We were very hard working with them to integrate Ingenico casheless terminals with our system.

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Three important things for you

Track product shortages

Check online the list of missing products in your vending machines.

Monitor your machines

Get feedback from your vending machines instantly thanks to real time connection.

Manage your warehouse

Now you can plan your next orders more wisely thanks to predicting consumption.

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Connect our device to your vending machine

With our device integrated with your vending machine we can poll data using MDB/DEX port and send it through GSM network to our telemetry platform. All transactions made with credit card or cash will be constantly registered and updated in the system.

Integrate your own terminal

If you already have a terminal connected to your vending machine, we can integrate it for you to connect directly with Vending Metrics. All sales made through the terminal will be send to the telemetry system to keep you always up to date about all transactions and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I test the system before signing the contract?

    We offer a 7-day demo account to which we have connected real machines in which the sale is carried out. Sign up and we’ll send you access the same day!

  • Is it possible to connect other devices?

    Of course, if you have such device or you are a producer, write to us. We are happy to prepare a new offer for you.

  • What information is shown in telemetry?

    The system distinguish transactions executed with cash, credit cards, key transactions and others. Also you can check the errors sent by the machine, for example, power failures.

  • Is the system complicated to use?

    The system has been carefully designed so that its use does not require any operating instructions. However, you can always contact our support or check knowledge base.

  • Does the system support coffee products?

    Of course, coffee products are supported in the system, so you can always check the sales details and missing ingredients.

  • Can older machines be connected to the system?

    All new machines are handled without problems, for older models, write to us, we will find the best solution for you.

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VendingMetrics desktop dashboard view